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Official Press Release 

Known for her problem-solving skills and unconventional solutions, Lindsey Foulkes has worked in online environments for twenty-six years, fifteen of which have been as a teacher, mentor, instructional designer, trainer, or administrator in brick-and-mortar, blended, and virtual charter, residential, public, private, international, and homeschool/unschool situations for students with learning differences (including her own child). Her schools span the globe from the United States to Japan, Switzerland, China, Central America, South America, Mexico, and Africa.


She's worked in corporate America for eight years as a trainer, teacher, and mentor. In private practice, Lindsey spent nine years as a Special Education consultant, teacher and virtual environment trainer, and grief counselor. She founded two Colorado charter school special education programs and two international programs supporting students with exceptional needs. Supporting her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and her Master’s degree in Special Education, Lindsey is currently working towards her Doctorate in Diversity and Equity focusing on post-secondary environments and workplaces at the University of Illinois.

Outside of the classroom, Lindsey has spent her time as an author and editor in technical, educational/academic, non-fiction, and fiction areas. These have including an English Anthology series, a Criminal Law textbook for a community college, numerous private, corporate, and education manuals and programs, children's literature, novels, documentaries, plays, and screenplays. She has placed well in several festivals and contests and stays connected to the writer community wherever she lives.




For any inquiries, please contact me here:

Tel: 747-666-5984| Skype: lindsey.foulkes |

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